Life Is a Particle Time Is a Wave: Animated short film | 9:45 min | 2022
In an attempt to ease his sadness, a widowed watchmaker spends his remaining days in solitude, distracting himself with repetitive activities to pass the time. Broken, like the old watches he repairs, he searches for ways to mend his soul and body, looking for meaning and respite in the ebb of time that remains, as his own death nears with every tick of the clock.
Charcoal pencil and willow charcoal on approximately 3200 sheets of 12x18 medium weight drawing paper
Music and Sound Design: Sami Jano
Grade: Mike Rossiter  Re-Recording Mix: Geoff Strasser Graphic Design: Elsa Chiao
Festivals & Screenings:  SXSW , Ann Arbor Film Festival, American Documentary and Animation Festival Winner Jury Award "Best Animated Film", Athens International Film + Video Festival, Florida Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival., Brooklyn Film Festival, Rooftop Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival. Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, Topanga Film Festival Winner "Best Short Film", Snake Alley Festival of Film, Denver Film Festival, Spark Animation FestivalShortOfTheWeek, Flagstaff International film festival, The Smalls Film Festival Winner for "Best Animation", Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival, and, Vimeo Staff Pick.
vertical poster for life is a particle time is a wave