Digital Autonomy
Charcoal on paper | 2019 | Music: Jovan Todorović 
The techno-capitalist gold rush that has emerged and spread throughout the world, targets and manipulates our brain circuitry for profit, political gain, and power. Screens and the algorithms that live behind them have transformed our sleep patterns, how we experience love, communicate with each other, identify ourselves, make decisions, and think. Our acquiescence to silicon valleys data-mining has had a profound effect on the hard wiring of the human brain. For the past year these drawings have been an acknowledgment of my own addiction to the luxuries provided by tech, and the realization that these benefits come at a great cost to all of us, and most of all, our autonomy as individual beings.
Microscope, Telescope.
The eager consumption of alternative facts. 
2018 | Animated short film.
Sound design: Sami Jano.
Graphite + Red pastel | 12x18 medium weight drawing paper.
Reality is not what it seems.
Inspired by Carlo Rovelli's book "Reality is not what it seems."
Sound design: Sami Jano. Willow charcoal on 18x24 rough newsprint.
2017 | Experimental short film.
Spectral - 2019 
Dedicated to my grandmother Raya Polonitskaya August 27, 1932 - July 7, 2019
Willow charcoal on paper and vellum 
Music by Porches 
The neurons within our brains are programmed to absorb information and then predict what may occur— at this fundamental level, the way we perceive “time” as a past, present, and future is an evolutionary tool for survival. It is for this reason, along with our sensory functions inability to absorb more than a microscopic portion of the events occurring in the space each of us occupies in the cosmos, that make time feel like a hard linear line moving permanently in one direction. Life and death are often synonymous with a beginning and end, yet when wood burns we do not say it dies. Its state has simply changed. As the universe ages, its entropy increases, as fire burns its entropy increases. We are all part of the same fascinating pulsating blob. Simply put, we are all in a chaotic state of constant change, there is no beginning, and there is no end.